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L548 - 1,056 sqft House

Building Description

Primary features:

A approximately 1,056 Sqft house, with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The interior has been recently renovated, featuring hardwood flooring in the main living spaces and modern aesthetics. The exterior of the building remains largely unrenovated. The small bungalow currently rests on a basement. All appliances and coverings at the time of the viewing

The main floor features:

  • 1 primary bedroom

  • 2 additional bedrooms

  • 1 shared bathroom

Move conditions:




in order to be a qualified buyer you need:

  • Financing in place or personal funding

  • A sufficient lot to put the house on as well as an adequate foundation. 

  • Be ready to move quickly as you will need to apply for permits quickly in order to meet the deadline.

  • Once we know where it’s going, we can provide a final quote to move the house.

  • A deposit will be required for the purchase of the house as well as for the move when purchase contracts are signed.

Purchasing Price

House purchase price is $ or best offer. Its located in the Beverly Heights area of Edmonton, AB.

Moving Costs 

Moving is estimated at $ + Expenses for a local move ( within 1.5 hours in moving time of the houses current location to a rural location ) - Plus expenses assuming normal move difficulty.

Additionally before the move, the purchaser must have an adequate foundation prepared for the house to be placed on, or have otherwise made plans previously with us.

Move Deadline

Move deadline is June 15th, 2024.

If you cannot get your foundation ready in time we can park the building on your property until your foundation is ready.  The cost for this depends on the length of time the building will be parked.  

Expected Expenses

We expect $ to $ in expenses form the city of Edmonton. However this is always subject to approval from utility & infrastructure owners. If utility owners do require escorts, the costs will be passed on to the buyer at cost plus a handling fee.  


We do not expect line lifting outside of the city.

All pricing is subject to the GST.


Note: Photos of the garage are available upon request.

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