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It takes a lot of people to get a big project done. Moving the building is certainly the most glamorous part of the project, but it's not all you need.


This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every carpenter, carpet layer, or concrete finisher out there.  There are other directories like the or local business directories for that.   This list is for the vendors that we know and trust, so that when you get stuck for a vendor you can come here and know that you will find a quality one.


If you are a vendor that would like to work with us and our customer base and would like to be listed here please contact us.

House Appraisal

Carlee Leliuk DAR, B.Comm

Northern Lights Appraisals 

Phone: 780-757-2060

Cell: 780-235-0909

Fax: 780-757-2060

"Fast, Accurate Real Estate Appraisals You Can Rely On"


Carlee can do appraisals of houses separate from real-estate; ie a house to be moved.  This will be important for anyone wanting financing for their project.


Bernhard Jess - 780-413-6448


Sunrise Excavations, Craig or Lonny 


We will clean the site and are licensed and insured to do so, less risk.We also do excavating and services and back fill and tree removal as needed. You can check our web page at All types of demolition big or small,excavating and ground work for houses/garages/ commercial buildings and driveways, lot/land/bush clearing see other demo ads.Liability and wcb insurance. I have a 200 excavator,back hoe loader and mid track hoe as well as oversize tandem truck for hauling. Specialize in the difficult jobs nobody else wants.No bankers hours ,we finish the job after everyone else goes home. I can get 3/4 road crush for pad/driveway base. Also do SEWER/FOUNDATION/ and WATER LINES. CALLS are best as I am on the equipment not on the computer. Marv 780-913-2568

Landscape contractors & Foundation construction

Gilmar Construction Ltd.  

Warren Marshall

Phone 403-343-1028

cell 403-350-0229 

Full Service work.   Scope of work includes:

  • Foundation construction

  • Demolition

  • Site stripping and grading

  • Excavation

  • Backfill

  • Trucking

  • Shoring

  • Road and approach building

  • Waterproofing

  • Concrete pumping

  • Install septic tanks and municipal connections

Mario - dirt-work and foundation


Atema Construction Ltd., Troy Atema

780 878 1436

  • Been in this type of business for 42 yrs. specialize in acreage construction survey and plot development

  • Road building

  • All site preparation i.e excavation and backfill

  • Water and sewer installation [certified installers]

  • Install 2'concrete gradebeam on pilings 4'concrete on footings 6'concrete 8'concrete 9'concrete

  • all materials used are trtd. i.e nailers and window bucks concrete for all applications is 32m.p.a type 50 at 56 days consolidated

  • also over last 3 years have worked extensively with styrofoam using arxx system and logix we are certified as well much prefer this system

  • all styrofoam blocks are kept onsite in enclosed trailers and van body trucks

  • Also include all flat work i.e house floors garage floors outside pads and sidewalks pilings

  • All equipment necessary i.e graders, gravel trucks, rubber tire hoe, picker truck

  • Also can include demolition services if necessary thanks very much

  • Any questions, please call



Jess Matting Ltd.

-knowlegable vendor that has worked with us on many building moves

Jesie Parneel


Screw Piles 

Dinche Screwpiling

- knowledgeable vendor that has worked with us on many building moves

Nathan Piche


Advance Foundations Inc.



Crane Services

BC2 Crane Services

- specializes in lifting buildings and has worked with us on many building moves.



Asbestos Removal Services 

Framing contractors

Green Hills Renovation Services, Joshua Clark

Home Roots Builders

Larry Burke


Concrete Cutting

Walser Contracting, Michael Podolak


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