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All types of buildings can be moved: houses, shops, class rooms, offices, stores, barns...this list goes on and on.  The truth is almost anything can be moved and a lot is possible. 


Structural Moving: We can also move a lot more than just buildings, we can move other objects over land that are too large, too heavy, or just weren't made to be moved.  Things like planes, trains, ships, transformers and tanks.


Our relocation services is complete from foundation to foundation.  We will get the structure off of the old foundation, load it, organize escorts and line crews, transport it, unload it and place it on the new foundation.  We can also place the structure onto temporary blocking while the new foundation is being constructed. We will make all the arrangements for moving permits, line crews and escorts. We also work together with your systems as well, if you prefer to load or unload using crane lifting or you just want us to load/unload and you will transport we are flexible and we don't mind.


We can also move double wides as a single module without splitting.


In some cases the structure does not need to be loaded onto wheels, just slid elsewhere onto the same site or very near.  We can help here as well using our specialized jacks, beams, cribbing, other rigging and of course our techniques.


Unlike other movers who's cargo insurance only covers the building while it is moved on the roadway, we provide up to $350,000 building damage insurance that covers the entire project. We also provide insurance coverage for stored buildings for up to 60 days.


No matter what type of customer you are - big or small - just one building or a whole lot; non-profit - personal or business - we want to help you.


See our "Customers" menu on the left to see how our services can apply to your customer type and find out how we can help you.


If you are looking for a building, see our buildings for sale section and also give us a call for the latest listings that have not made onto the web site yet.


If you have a build you no longer need, list it with us and we can help you promote it.


There is also a lot of general information located in our FAQ.  


Bilsborrow Building Movers transporting a house under a electrical lines lifted by Fortis.
Bilsborrow Buildings Movers- Moving a new RTM off a damaged foundation to save the house.
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