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Bilsborrow Building Movers is looking for quality buildings!


If you have a building you no longer need, we buy used buildings.  In some cases we will agree to buy the building outright, or we can pay you a commission on the building sale when it sells.


There are some of benefits to selling your building:

Save on demolition costs.  For an average 1,300 sqft bungalow, about $6,000 or more will be saved on demolition fees, spend that extra money on new construction

Save on abatement costs.  Often there are minor levels of hazardous materials in the living area that are very expensive to move.  We greatly reduce your exposure to expensive abatement costs for difficult to remove materials such as asbestos. 

Preservation of waste.  Building moves are one of the largest recyclers of material by tonnage.  A lot of material is save from the landfill when recycling a building, it couldn't be more green.

Help someone get the building they couldn't otherwise afford.  Many people that buy used building buy them because they can't afford the newly constructed version of that building.  By providing your building for sale you are helping people realize a dream

Emotional attachment to a building.  In many cases building are offered for sale by people that still truly love their building even though it's time to move on to another building.  In some cases they grew up in that home, knew the former owners, a parent or friend lived there or they just appreciate the character or quality of the building and they would rather see it reused then destroyed because of how they feel about the building itself.

Working with us has the following advantages

  • We will advertise the house on our web site, to our Facebook following and other areas such as kijiji.  

  • We create highly engaging ads complete with professional pictures and floor plans.

  • We will communicate your building to our many customers that are counting on us to find them a home including access to our in-house mailing list of over 500 clients and directly to clients that are actively looking for houses and look to us for houses everyday.  

  • We provide general liability insurance of $5,000,000 for any customer that we show the home to.

  • We conduct the transaction insulating you from the buyer.

We generally have very high success with marketing buildings.  

  • Customers have a higher degree of confidence when purchasing through a mover.

  • We will qualify potential purchasers to make sure they have adequate finances, municipal permit approval, site and route suitable for move, time-lines are suitable and help them with general expectations.

What our customers have told us about their experiences listing buildings on their own:

  • Either they get too many responses and they can't deal with the volume of traffic that want to view the home and don't know how to sort through the time wasters.

  • The spend valuable marketing time getting tied up with an "un-qualified" buyer that is missing a key step that will prevent them from ultimately completing a purchase while turning off other potential purchasers.

  • They have gotten little to no responses on their own - when we listed the building we have more success generating interest.  


Call us at 780-459-5933 if you have a building you no longer need and let us help you find a new home for it.

An image of preparing a building before moving it.
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