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SOLD - L454 - 1624sqft - House and Garage

 - SOLD -
Garage and house can be purchase separately or together.
  • Well built 1624sqft house.   Dated, but very well cared for.  Sensible layout, very large living area, kitchen and dining area.  Welcoming spacious front entry.  Rear entry mudroom with main floor laundry. 

  • Available 22' x 24' double & double ended, detached garage.

Purchase Price
  • House $10,000 OBO

  • Garage purchase price is included FREE with the moving.

Moving Costs 
  • Note that house will need to have rear bump and peak of roof split off to move.    Pricing assumes customer is doing the work to cut/split the sections and all mending/restoration work.

  • All brickwork including fireplace will be removed.

  • Main house $35,000 + slit section $8,000 

  • Garage moving cost will be $8,500 to within 1.5 hours moving time of Edmonton).

  • note that bottom 24" of drywall will be stripped for move.

Move Deadline
  • Contract signed by May 14, 2020, move off date by May 31, 2021.

Expected Expenses
  • We expect about $5000 expenses with this move.

GST will be added to all pricing.

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