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SOLD - L377 - 4 Portable Classrooms

All 4 units have been SOLD

Available for purchase 4 of 24x36 portable classrooms.    These 4 units can be purchase together as a group or individually.  The quality of these units is very high for used units, they are in prime condition and have many years of good life left.    These can be used for office space, housing, storage or private training facilities.  Each unit has an area of 864 sqft and together as a group of 4 complete with 12' hallways, they would have an area of 4,032 sqft.  Together the 4 units would occupy an area of 84.2' x 48.4 if a 12' hallway was built in.

These units are self heated and complete with an electrical sub panel,  a single connection to main power and gas is all that is required to heat and electrify the units.  

*Note that schools may be exempt from purchasing these units for use as classrooms, please contact us for details.

Purchase Price

Asking $25,000 for the purchase of each unit OBO.  ** PRICE REDUCED ** 

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

Free with move for a local move assuming the move is within 100km of Edmonton and a foundation type that we can drive over (block or screw pile).

Other foundation types are possible, once we know your location and foundation type we can provide a final price for move.

Mover is taking care of service disconnection, and separation work.

Not Included

Any contents, electronics, white boards, chalk boards, fire fighting equipment and lockers are not included in the purchase.    Exterior skirting is not included.


The hallway sections between the units were filled in after the 4 units where placed and may not be movable. Although moving 24' of hall (hall on 1 unit) might be possible this can only be verified when the units are separated.  The other 24' of hall is an access ramp and we are certain is not movable.

No blocking is included, if blocking is needed it can be purchased for about $1,800 per unit.

Any reconstruction and restoration work is not included.  The buildings are not offered as a final or finished solution.  We can refer you to a contractor that can provide a finished solution.

Move Deadline


Expected Expenses

These buildings are 4.19m tall and at this height we do not expect expenses for most moves.


The exterior surfaces of the units facing other units may not be finished.  The built in millwork *IS* included.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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