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DEMO - L376 - 1450 sqft 3 bedroom house

house 1.jpg
Building - RECENT RENOVATION - Modernized 3 bedroom home
- Demolished - 

If you have been looking for a highly renovated large house that shows well, this is it.  Replacement value on this home is $377,000 at $260/sqft.  At approximately $100,000 delivered, we think this house is a great option.

1450 Sqft 3 bedroom very spacious house, full bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, very large master with a 2pc en-suite 

Bright and open, tasteful finishing

Features a recent complete update

  • Recent new roofing

  • Looks to be complete top to bottom recent interior renovation inducing

    • interior doors​

    • exterior doors

    • windows

    • kitchen

    • baths

    • flooring

  • Large ceramic tiles in halls, kitchen and bathrooms​

  • Natural solid hardwood in bedrooms

  • Carpet in living area

  • High efficiency furnace included (required now and a rare find!)

  • Oversize water tank

  • Appliances are included

  • **Please note that the fireplace will be removed in order to move this home

Purchase Price

Asking $25,000 for the purchase of the building OBO

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

Starting at $41,000 for a local move. 

Move Deadline - 

Contract signed by end of May, 2019, move off date by end of June  

You must have land that can accept delivery of the building.

Eave deconstruction needed - NOTICE!!

This house needs the a portion of front and and all the rear eave to be removed to fit down the street.  This means they need to be cut off, then reconstructed after delivery.  Normally we would ignore a house where it was a bit too large to fit down the street, but this house looks so nice we couldn't.

We have gotten an estimate from a local carpenter for the following work:

remove eave 1-2 days at $1300/day

reconstruct eave 2-4 days at $1300/day plus materials.

Deconstructing the eave would involve

remove gutters, fascia covering, soffits

remove bottom two feet of shingles

remove bottom two feet of decking

cut rafter tails off

- Reconstruction would basically be the reverse adding in new materials.

Please call us to discuss this further if you wish.  We realize at first this seams daunting but it is manageable and we think the quality of the home will make it worth the trouble.

Buyer to engage directly with their contractor of choice for this work.  Our contractor is available if you wish to use him.

Expected Expenses - NOTICE!!

$11,000 to $15,000 is estimated 

This is for other things in addition to the eave deconstruction.

Budget Summary

Your final budget delivered is about $100,000 including all the above.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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