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DEMO - L366 - 3 Bedroom Executive Split Level House 1,423 Sqft  ** DEMOLISHED **

Senseless Violence:

Don't let this happen to a house you are looking for.  This house was available to be moved for six months.   Check our building listings now before it's too late for the next house!





- Demolished -


This beautiful split level house has an extremely high level of finishing.  While the move price is quite high, the level and quality of finishing may justify the high move cost for buyers looking for a larger premium quality home.  The house features gorgeous rich wood on the living room walls, hardwood and ceramic flooring and an amazing undated kitchen and bath.  The cost of finishing alone in this house well exceed the cost of the house and the move.


1,423 sqft 3 Bedroom split level - available now.  Located in Edmonton.

Purchase Price

** price change **
Highly motivated seller: Asking $5,000 for the purchase of the building OBO

Move Date Extended!!

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

Starting at $45,000 for a local move.

Move Deadline

Contract signed by April 15, 2019, move off date has some negotiation - MOVE DATE EXTENDED. 

Expected Expenses (Significant !!)

Because of the site layout a crane must be hired to move the house to the street which will result in high expenses.  We expect between $27,000-$30,000 in moving expenses.


Window coverings and high end stainless appliances are included.


Only the top two levels will be moved.  The lower two levels including the garage will be demolished and not moved.  This house can be place over a two level basement or whatever the buyer decides.  the level under the living area could easily be a walk out basement, front or rear.


Decks are available for free with the house but moving them is  not included in the move price.  Decks are much more expensive and difficult to move then people realize due to restrictions on wide loads, difficulty in separating and loading and requirements of the City of Edmonton to transport at night.   In some cases the high cost to move the deck is not practical.  In some cases buyers can mitigate this high cost by cutting the deck into smaller pieces, self loading or self transport.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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