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SOLD - L364 - 2 Bedroom Bungalow 970 sqft

- SOLD -

970 sqft 2 Bedroom bungalow ready to go - available now.  Located in Edmonton. 


Very cute older house, well maintained.  Great for a cabin.  Bedrooms are small.  This house is on a crawl space but could be easily converted to work with a full basement, there is an ideal location for stairs off the kitchen for example.

Purchase Price

** Free with move!!  Garage is also free.

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

House starting at $24,000 for a local move assumes demo of garage and laundry area.  Saving these is negotiable.

Move Deadline

Spring, 2019

Expected Expenses

The house will have some line lifting due to the height of the building, we are expecting between $5k to $10K in expenses. 

  • This house will more to move if the buyer wants to save the garage and laundry room. If moved with the laundry the laundry area will likely need a new floor, as the floor in the laundry area is dropped below the main floor which add additional undesirable height to the move likely increasing line lifting costs.   We can discuss options with a serous buyer.  It is possible to move it with the garage and laundry area attached.

  • Appliances are not included but can be negotiated.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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