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SOLD - L363 - 3 Bedroom Bungalow 1350 sqft

- SOLD -

1350 3 Bedroom Bungalow, ready to move now, located near Rimby, AB


Home features a sensible spacious layout, a large living area and kitchen, large hallways, hardwood in several areas, an updated kitchen, some sky lights.​  Kitchen features maple cabinets with garnet counter tops and an undermount sink, garburator and bosch dish washer. 


Exterior needs refinishing and looks a bit rough, bedrooms and bath are dated.  The house is structurally sound, well built with no modifications.

Purchase Price

Price drop to $10,000

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

Move is on sale starting at $17,000 for a move within 100km of Rimby, placed onto a concrete basement for a move onto an acreage, farm or large town lot with large worker areas and good access.

Move Deadline

Spring, 2019  - customer has time to wait while you construct your basement.

Expected Expenses

Should be minimal in the local area.

  • Don't be alarmed: Paint is pealing because latex paint was applied over oil based paint without the proper sanding and primer, probably many years ago when latex first came out.  The first time it freezes it falls off in large sheets or flakes and looks dramatic.  Its not hard to fix with the proper technique (sanding with sharp sand paper and proper oil based primer over the latex).  We have seen this happen a lot and this is not due to water damage.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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