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Welcome to Bilsborrow Building Movers


Bilsborrow Building Movers moves buildings around Edmonton and Alberta.  We can relocate many types of existing structures, raises & lift structures, and re-level structures.  We also support structures for foundation changes, repairs, or upgrades.  We deliver & relocate RTM modules and portables and we buy and sell buildings.


We serve commercial customers, residential (house moves), large volume (like school boards, camps and government), industrial customers and clubs & societies. 

Why House Moving?
  • An average small house move saves 40 tons of product from the land fill each time. 

  • Building movers are the largest recyclers of consumer product by tonnage in N. America.

  • Recycling building material, lower environmental impact, carbon saved!

  • We recycle affordable used housing for people that have limited budgets, that don't need to build new or don't want to. 

  • Much lower investment - typically 50% of new builds including renovations to like new. 

  • Instant home equity.

  • Every time a customer chooses to use a recycled building rather than new construction, we help customers  save the equivalent carbon and energy footprint of two house builds - the energy that would be required to build the new house, and we are conserving all the energy that went into building the recycled house. 

  • Much shorter stress window and rapid deployment -  move in ready in 5-12 weeks vs. 12-18 months for new build.

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Buildings for Sale

Click here to see buildings that are currently for sale. Listings are updated regularily!

Curious about house moving? Check out footage from one of our moves...
Seba Beach Ice Move

Seba Beach Ice Move

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Thank you very much for helping with this house, your company did a very good job for me, I really appreciated, thanks to Dan too.


Hope to have chance to work with you again, please let me know if you have any good house to put on my other piece of land.


—  Shuhong

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