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Foundation Repair


Building raises are a way that foundations can be repaired, upgraded or replaced without having to demolish the building.  A building raise is a fairly strait forward process, requires much less work than a move and is an economical way to salvage an otherwise good building.


Customers have had entire foundations completely removed and replaced while the building is raised onto temporary supports.  Even an entirely new basement can be constructed under the house while it is raised.  Some customers even have a whole new level added to the building.  We can return weeks later to lower the building onto it's new foundation.


Concrete crawl spaces can be converted into full basements:  A common practice years ago was to build a concrete crawl space: essentially a short basement.  These buildings can be raised and have pony walls constructed on top of the concrete walls and the building lowered.  This is normally completed in a single day and is a very inexpensive upgrade to the house that can add a lot of quality live space and value.



If you are one of the many people in your area living in a house on a crawl space, we have a quick and easy solution for you!

Are you or someone you know tired of not having enough space?


Or maybe you’re just looking to double the square footage of your house and add value to your home.


We raise houses built on crawl spaces adding an additional level of living space and doubling the living area in your home!   


The house can be lifted off the crawl space and walls installed in just 1-2 days.


And for your convenience, we have partnerships with contractors that can offer a turnkey solution for your project including everything from pulling the permits to painting the walls!

House foundation repair
Garage foundation lift and repair image
Building foundation damage image
House foundation repair and lift
House image
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