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L544 - Split-level House

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Listing L544

Building Description

Primary features:

1,550 Sqft house with an attached garage, located in the Westbrook area of Edmonton, AB.


The house is a 1970's split-level  with 4 bedroom's and 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a dinning room, and a kitchen nook. All the appliances shown, the hot water tank, and heating are included.

Note that this home will need to be separated by the buyer and moved in two sections. Only the main floor and upper floor can be moved. The garage will need to be demolished before the move.



in order to be a qualified buyer you will need:

  • Financing in place or personal funding

  • A sufficient lot to put the house on as it’s larger than an average bungalow. 

  • Be ready to move quickly as you will need to apply for permits quickly in order to meet the deadline.

  • Once we know where it’s going, we can provide a final quote to move the house.

  • A deposit will be required for the purchase of the house as well as for the move when purchase contracts are signed.

  • Ability to separate rear addition and weather hoard openings

Purchasing Price

Building purchase price is $5,000.  The building cannot be purchased without also purchasing the move.


Moving Costs 

Estimated price of $55,000 + Expenses ( within 1.5 hours in moving time of the houses current location to a rural location) - assuming normal move difficulty.

Additionally before the move, the purchaser must have an adequate foundation prepared for the house to be placed on, or negotiate a storage option with the mover.

Move Deadline

Move deadline is spring, 2024.

Expected Expenses


We estimate expenses of about $5,000; however expenses are variable and are based on the actual cost of hiring outside resources such as police, permits, signs, utility line clearances/escorts etc. 

GST will be added to all pricing.

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