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SOLD - L490 - 1500 sqft House w/ Attached Garage

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- SOLD -
Building Description

Primary features:

1500 sqft bungalow with attached garage.  The house features hardwood floors in the shared lining spaces with matching baseboard through out the house. The majority of cabinets, shelves and doors also match the hardwood. The shared living space walls are painted clean white color to make the rooms feel fresh and large. The personal rooms and bathrooms have vibrant wall colors, making each room feel distinctly different from the shared spaces.

The main floor of the house features a large living room which opens up into a large dinning room or additional living area, both areas have large windows to allow vibrant sunlight to fill the open space of the rooms. It also features a fully equipped kitchen with hardwood cabinets and space for a kitchen table. 

The exterior of the house features real wood paneling which can be later sanded, primed, and painted. Allowing any potential buyer to update the exterior appearance of the house cost effectively. The exterior trims, details and windows sills are also primarily made out of wood.

It is possible to place the primary floor of the house onto a basement effectively doubling the square footage of the house. 


The main floor additionally features:

  • 1 primary bedroom

  • 1 ensuite bathroom

  • 3 axillary bedrooms

  • 1 shared bathroom

  • 1 stairway / back entrance mudroom

Move conditions:

  • Prior to the move a small portion of the building must be separated where it connects to the attached garage.

  • The garage and this small portion of the house can then be moved separately at an extra expense or be left to be demolished. 

  • The fireplace must also be removed.



Because of the timeline, in order to be a qualified buyer you need:

  • Financing in place or personal funding

  • A sufficient lot to put the house on as it’s larger than an average bungalow. 

  • Be ready to move quickly as you will need to apply for permits quickly in order to meet the deadline.

  • Once we know where it’s going, we can provide a final quote to move the house.

  • A deposit will be required for the purchase of the house as well as for the move when purchase contracts are signed.

Purchasing Price

The asking price for the house itself is $0.00, as the buyer you only need pay for the move and the moves associated expenses.

Moving Costs 


Estimated price of $45,000 for a local move (within 3 hours moving time of Edmonton) - Plus expenses assuming normal move difficulty.

Prior to the move buyer must have fireplace removed.

Additionally prior to the move the house requires separation, where the house meets the garage there is a small portion the house which the garage attaches to which must be separated as it makes the house to large to transport in one piece.


The garage and this small portion of the house can then be moved separately or be left to be demolished. With either option the buyer must pay for the separation of the house, with additional move costs and associated expenses should they decided to also move the garage. If the garage is to be demolished the buyer must pay to have it demolished before the move.

Move Deadline

Contract signed by December 15th 2021. First access date to begin the move October 13th 2021. "Completion date" or the last date to have completed the move December 31st 2022.

Expected Expenses


Expenses are estimated between $5,000 to $10,000 and will be added to the move price.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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