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SOLD - L367 - 40'x68' Barn Style Shop

- SOLD -

40x68' Modern Arch-rib Quonset finished to look like an older hip roof Barn.  Located in Edmonton.


This nicely finished barn style arch-rib Quonset is newer and and looks great.  The exterior is metal and last many years care free.  There are many windows and the interior is bright. There are some internal rooms at the front, the rear of the unit is open to the top and clear of supports from side to side.  The interior rooms could be demoed out and not moved if the customer desires.  There is no loft level like there would be with an older traditional hip roof barn.


Arch-rib buildings require a concrete grade beam or frost wall as a foundation.

Purchase Price

Asking $15,000 for the purchase of the building OBO

Moving Costs (not including expenses)

Starting at $25,000 for a local move, long distance moves could add significant costs.

Move Deadline

Contract signed by March 1, 2019, move off date has some negotiation. 

Expected Expenses

This building is tall at 7m (23') and as such there will be significance line lifting expenses.  The building is located reasonably close to the high load corridor and as such could travel a great distance along the corridor and could be attractive to anyone located near the high load corridor.  For a corridor map please see


Expected line lifting expenses will need to be assessed on a case by case basis, so please discuss with us by calling.  

A rough budget for line lifting of $500-$1000 per crossing could be used for those customers trying to assess the feasibility of costs on their own.  Keep in mind there are sometimes 3-10 crossing per mile in rule areas.


Moving the lean to is not included in the move price.  The move would require this to be removed, these are difficult to handle and save, normally they are demoed and left behind.  It would be possible to save and move but often the cost is not worth it.

HVAC system is not included in the price but could be negotiated.  HVAC systems is external and would need to be removed by a contractor (price not included).  Transportation of the HVAC unit is not included.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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