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Expired - L489 - 2066 sqft House w/ Attached Garage

L489 - 1 - cover image.jpg
House sale expired Nov 30th, 2022. Likely demolished.

2066 sqft Bungalow with a 22'1 x 21'11 attached garage.  Main floor consists of 3 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, Living room, kitchen, dinning room, flex room, breakfast nook, 2 mud rooms, a foyer, and an attached garage. This house features large windows, beautiful redbrick work (may need to be removed), as well as hardwood floors in modern 1960's décor with very large master and living room areas.  Clean house, excellent lay out ready to go.  This house is from a premium neighborhood (Valleyview), all homes in this area are quality built as this one is.  Excellent floor plan.

Furnace, air conditioner, hot water, washer, dryer, oven, fridge tank, window coverings and other appliances shown in photos are included.

Exterior brickwork can be moved only at an extra cost. ( requires extra support to protect its general integrity during transport )

Fireplace must be removed.

Building must be separated.


Because of the tight timeline, in order to be a qualified buyer you need:

- Financing in place or personal funding

- A sufficient lot to put the house on as it’s larger than an average bungalow. 

- Be ready to move quickly as you will need to apply for permits quickly in order to meet the deadline.

- Once we know where it’s going, we can provide a final quote to move the house.

- A deposit will be required for the purchase of the house as well as for the move when purchase contracts are signed.

Purchase Price

Now asking $29,500.00 for the purchase of the building OBO

Moving Costs 

$105,000 for a local move (within 3 hours moving time of Edmonton) - plus expenses if moved with fireplace and brickwork removed assuming normal move difficulties.  

House requires separation as it is too large to move through the city intact.  Pricing assumes customer's contractor will do all separation and temporary wall construction as needed to facilitate the move.

We recommend removing the brickwork as it is logistically more difficult to move with brickwork.  If you wish to keep the brickwork, add $15,000 to the moving price and:

  • several courses of the lower brickwork must be removed to facilitate installation of support brackets.

  • customer is responsible for restoration of the brickwork after the move - it may be difficult to source matching bricks.

  • we cannot warranty the brickwork.  Some houses the brick moves well, some it does not depending on how it was installed.

Fireplace must be removed for move, regardless.

Move Deadline

Contract signed by November 30th, 2021, move off date by February 1st, 2021.

Expected Expenses

Expenses are estimated between $5,000 and $10,000 and will be added to the move price.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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