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L525 - 1,380 sqft House

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Building Description

Primary features:

1,380 Sqft house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Furnace, Hot water tank, A/C system, and pressure tank included.


Newer laminate flooring installed in the bed rooms of the main level, as well as a new fascia board and eaves troughs in 2021. The roof is tin and is in good condition, it was installed in 2016. The house has aluminum framed windows that are in fairly good condition. Both the bathrooms and kitchen are in working condition but otherwise could use renovation, the kitchen dose not come with appliances. The family has real hardwood flooring, however due to its condition it will need repaired or renovated in the future.


The main floor additionally features:

  • 1 primary bedroom w/ ensuite bathroom

  • 2 additional bedrooms

  • Shared bathroom

Move conditions:

  • Prior to the move the brick fireplace / chimney must be removed - cost to be negotiated.

  • The brick veneer on the front of the house may crack during transport. Extra supports for the brick can be provided at the expense of the purchaser, however we cannot warrant the bricks will not crack.  Some people just elect  to remove the brickwork.



in order to be a qualified buyer you need:

  • Financing in place or personal funding

  • A sufficient lot to put the house on as it’s larger than an average bungalow. 

  • Be ready to move quickly as you will need to apply for permits quickly in order to meet the deadline.

  • Once we know where it’s going, we can provide a final quote to move the house.

  • A deposit will be required for the purchase of the house as well as for the move when purchase contracts are signed.

Purchasing Price

The current purchasing price is $45,000 + GST. Its is located in Beaver county south east from Edmonton near Bruce, AB.

Moving Costs 

Estimated price of $38,600.00 + Expenses + GST for a local move ( within 1.5 hours in moving time of the houses current location ) - Plus expenses assuming normal move difficulty.

Additionally before the move, the purchaser must have an adequate foundation prepared for the house to be placed on, or have otherwise made plans previously with us.

Move Deadline

Move deadline is September 30th, 2023 but this can be negotiated.

Expected Expenses


We don't expect additional expenses on this project, however this is always subject to approval from utility & infrastructure owners. If utility owners do require escorts, the costs will be passed on to the buyer at cost plus a handling fee.

All pricing is subject to the GST.

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